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TICO S Machinery Mounting Material

TICO S is a high performance machinery mounting material. It matches today’s fast changing manufacturing environment, where ease of machine mounting and flexibility of plant layout are prime factors. TICO S is manufactured from a blend of carefully selected cork particles and polychloroprene / acrylonitrile elastomers.


TICO S will withstand very high dynamic and static loads without physical breakdown. In machinery mounting applications, however, the recommended maximum static load should not be exceeded without consultation.

TICO S material is stable under widely varying atmospheric conditions, and is suitable for use outdoors.


Key Features of TICO S

Rapid installation.

Enables flexibility of machinery layout.

Reduces vibration.

When used in conjunction with TICO adhesive, virtually eliminates use of anchor bolts and associated floor damage, providing major savings.

Retains properties throughout long maintenance free life.

Operational temperature between -40°C and +100°C (-40°F and 212°F).

Can reduce transmitted noise.

Wide range of standard sheet sizes and thicknesses.

Maximum static stress 0.35 MN/m² (35,000 Kg/m²).

Compatible with all types of machine base.

Can be supplied cut to size.


TICO S parts table
Code Product

Standard Thickness mm (imperial)

Standard Sizes mm (imperial)



Cork/Elastomer Pad

6 (1/4")

12.5 (1/2")

 25  (1")

    1200 (4') x 50 (2")

    1200 (4') X 75 (3")

    1200 (4') x 100 (4")

    1200 (4') x 150 (6")

    1200 (4') x 600 (2')

    1200 (4') x 1200 (4')

Typical Applications include: Lifts, Conveyers, Generators, Refrigerator Plant, Vacuum Pumps, Compressors, Lathes, Pillar Drills, Saws, Power Presses, Guillotines, Crushers, Slotting Machines, Shapers and Routers.


Typical applications of TICO S



Washing machines, tumble dryers, gym equipment.


Customer Requirements:

Simple to install (mat or small pads located under the appliance feet) that is going to stop their kitchen (e.g.) shaking on the spin cycle, quieten the machine down and help reduce the noise and vibration transferred to neighbouring residents. It should improve their quality of life.


Key technical requirements

Has to provide damping over a wide range of operating speeds. - in the case of washing machines particularly which spin at different rpm depending on the set program and can ramp up and down to different speeds during the washing cycle.

Has to be relatively thin as in many cases they are under-counter appliances with limited space for height adjustment.


Typical product recommended:

6 to 12.5 mm TICO S/PA




Precision lathes and grinders, machinery on gradients, conveyors and other transfer equipment.


Customer Requirements:

Simple method of getting their equipment level or at the correct gradient which is going to have minimal impact in terms of modification of said plant and downtime. It might be a temporary or permanent measure so durability and perhaps ease of adjustment/replacement may be needed.


Key technical requirements

Range of thicknesses to cater for different variations in height. Relatively low deflection rate under load so not having to adjust for bearing compression as well as the original height difference.

Conformable with different surface finishes, including itself (when stacked in multiple layers).

Stable and unlikely to slip to ease installation (avoidance of adhesive)

Adaptable to different types of machine base

Provision for in-situ adjustment in some cases

Compatible with other vibration reduction products to ensure isolation is not breached or impaired.

Simple installation and maintenance free to keep plant downtime to a minimum.


Typical product recommended:

TICO Shimming (0.75, 1.5 & 3 mm thick), TICO Adjustamounts




Any type of equipment requiring a conformable interface between base and floor, not necessarily machines e.g. warehouse racking


Customer Requirements:

Something simple to sit equipment on for the purpose of protecting an existing floor finish, or accomodating irregularities between two mating surfaces to reduce fretting/wear and seat the equipment in a stable fashion. Maybe also for the isolation of dissimilar.


Key technical requirements

Adaptable to different types of equipment with differing loads and footprints to avoid being overloaded.

Compressible enough to take point loads and conform to irregular surfaces.

Compatible with different materials to ensure mating surfaces are not degraded over time either mechanically or chemically.

Minimal impact on height

Simple installation and maintenance free to keep plant downtime to a minimum


Typical product recommended:

6 (typically), 9.5 or 12.5 mm TICO S/PA




Non-critical applications where damping is sufficient or isolation assured. Compressors, generators, milling machines, pumps, routers etc. Secondary damping for equipment that is already isolated e.g. refrigeration plant. Mountings for equipment on small concrete plinths


Customer Requirements:

A simple and reliable resilient mounting to prevent or reduce vibrations travelling from a machine into the floor and surrounding structure or vice versa. They want a relatively quick-fix or a dependable 1st time installation without having to concern themselves too greatly about the technical intricacies of specifying the correct material.


Key technical requirements

Good vibration attenuating characteristics over a wide range of vibration frequencies so it can reliably be used in applications without a rigorous technical appraisal.

Wide operating load range to cover a wide variety of machine types and base configurations.

Easily machineable so it can be cut to size for different applications from a standard stock offering.

Compatible with different types of fluid media likely to be encountered in machinery mounting applications.

Simple installation and maintenance free to keep plant downtime to a minimum.


Typical product recommended:

12.5 mm TICO S/PA




Power presses, guillotines, crushers etc.


Customer Requirements:

A product that they can mount their equipment on that will substantially reduce the shock vibration generated by the machine which is usually felt as an uncomfortable physical sensation - but at the same time not making the machine so compliant that component is not formed correctly, or the machine does not come to a rest in time for the next cycle.


Key technical requirements

Good vibration attenuating characteristics and ability to bring the machine to rest quickly after a shock load whilst reducing the forces transmitted to the surrounding structure.

High operating load range so that material is not overstressed either during operation or during transient events with high dynamic forces.

Durable without breakdown over continual cycling of dynamic loads.

Simple installation and maintenance free to keep plant downtime to a minimum.

Laterally and vertically stable under conditions of high stress.


Typical product recommended:

25 mm TICO S/PA




Large plant and equipment e.g. forging hammers, large presses etc. Typically mounted on a substantial block either above or below floor level. The mass of the block provides extra stability and in the case of plinth installations can be useful in providing additional height to the installation.


Customer Requirements:

A product or system solution to effectively isolate an inertia block such that large shocks and vibrations are not transmitted into the surrounding structure (principally vibration out rather than in applications). Magnitude of vibrations on unisolated installations can cause annoyance a long distance away - even in adjacent houses - with potential regulation breaches. Solution has to be effective on first installation and over the life of the machine as it is very hard to change or replace.


Key technical requirements

Good vibration isolation performance required for specific ranges of frequencies, backed-up by technical calculations.

Sufficient load capacity and stiffness characteristics so that pad layout can be tailored to suit both the physical available space and the required dynamic stiffness.

Relatively easy to install, with the ability for concrete to be cast upon it in-situ.

Critically must be durable over a long period of time as it may be inaccessible for inspection or maintenance due to being situated under a block in a pit.

Resistant to oils and other fluids that could potentially flood the pit.


Typical product recommended:

25 mm TICO S/PA



Very sensitive machinery or equipment likely to generate large amounts of vibration at troublesome frequencies. Isolation of equipment in noise/vibration sensitive areas. Testing machines, hospital scanners, transformers. Additionally equipment where a vibration problem has developed and been identified.


Customer Requirements:

Varies by application but what is fundamentally needed is a product or system that will provide a high degree of vibration isolation at particular frequencies, which is proven with calculations/case studies. It is normally obvious if something is wrong when the product is installed as the vibrations are more obvious and detectable.


Key technical requirements

Excellent vibration isolation performance required for specific ranges of frequencies, backed-up by technical calculations.

Other requirements tend to change depending on the application.

These applications often lead to alternative TICO grades being specified.


Typical product recommended:

Typically 25 mm, occasionally 50 mm S/PA


Typical installation of TICO S

Floor mounted plant:   bolt secured

Location of TICO S/PA pad utilising floor bolts together with TICO S/CO collars and TICO S/WA and MS/WA washers.





Floor mounted plant:   adhesive secured


Why Collars and washers...?



Many people fit TICO S material as shown below... at a glance all appears to be correct...

The base has been bolted directly to the floor; this is correct. The TICO S pad has been placed between the floor mount and the machine this is also correct...  The problem arises when the the machine has been bolted to the floor mount.  The installer has NOT used a TICO S COLLAR or a TICO S WASHER... therefore some of the vibration of the machine is transmitted through the metal to metal connection in the Machine bolts to the Base and into the floor. Using TICO S Collars and Washers will maximise the efficiency of the TICO S Pad material.

Fitting the product as shown above will only work to a degree.

If your machine has to be bolted to the floor, we recommend TICO S Collars and Washers.


More detailed information can be found in the brochure available as an instant pdf download from this site.

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Information in this document and otherwise supplied to users is based on our general experiences and is given in good faith but, because of particular factors which are outside our knowledge and control and affect the use of products, no warranty is given or implied with respect to such information. Specifications are subject to change without notice. A safe handling data sheet on this material is available as a PDF download.


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